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Kids and Pizza – How Much is Too Much?

Kids and Pizza

Pizzas and kids. I guess we should be glad there’s an alternative to kids and candy, kids and coke, kids and bubblegum….and so much more that could be potentially much more dangerous in today’s world. Granted, you have a problem with your child and pizza, but it could be worse. So if you stop looking at ‘pizza’ within colons, as an oily, high-fat, unhealthy meal option that goes with plenty of fizz – except when you absolutely have to get out to a pizza restaurant, you could still be ahead at the end of the day. How about cashing in … Continue reading

Kids and pets

Kids and pets

Kids and pets are similar things in life. Like kids, pets also need a lot of attention love and care. Like kids, pets can be totally unpredictable, crazy, mischievous and totally lovable. They will also teach you a lot of things about responsibility, commitment, love, loyalty, and life. Some families don’t like to have pets because they have small children. People think that the pets might hurt their child or there will be health issues for a child when a pet is around. This could not be further from the truth. Say you bring a puppy while your child is … Continue reading

Five ways that children may benefit from art

Discover Your Child’s “Inner Picasso!” Perhaps the greatest advantage of encouraging a child to indulge his senses in art is that it will bring out the “inner artist” in him. After all, how will he know if he’s got the talent if his skills aren’t put to the test? In order to put his skills to the test, all a child needs are the right tools with which he can bring his thoughts and aspirations to life.  After all; art is probably the greatest form of expression and children have a penchant for expressing themselves via art. However, when it … Continue reading

Child Homesickness

Child Homesickness

Children are more prone to homesickness than adults. The reason being that their life is centered around their family and the moment that safety net is taken away children do feel insecure. This occurs when they are away from their home even if it is with the grandparents, camp movements, spending the night with anyone other than with your immediate family. New surroundings with unfamiliar people can cause this situation. Children find it difficult to handle this and they yearn for familiar surroundings which cause homesickness. At times even if the child settles down in the new surroundings, a small … Continue reading

Child Tooth Decay: The Causes of Tooth Decay in Children

The Causes of Tooth Decay in Children

Second, only to the common cold, tooth decay can happen to anyone. However, child tooth decay is more common as children’s teeth have weak surfaces. Young babies also suffer from tooth decay. This is mainly because they are given sweetened milk or other sweet liquid in a bottle prior to bed-time. Some parents even soak the pacifier in sugar or honey before giving it to the baby. What actually causes tooth decay? Bacterial infection is the main cause of tooth decay in children. They live on the outside of the teeth and grow from the foods and drinks which are … Continue reading

Healthy Diet for Kids: Children Should Eat Well Too

Healthy diet for kids

Good nutrition and a balanced diet help kids grow up healthy.  It is the responsibility of the parents to encourage smart eating habits in children.  Over 75% of the children do not get enough vegetables and fruits in their diets. Children who lack the essential vitamins and minerals do not perform well academically and also tend to have a more aggressive behavior.  As such children should be given these nutrients as it is vital for the development and growth of your child.  Parents should be aware as to how they should feed their children, and cultivating and introducing foods that … Continue reading

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